What’s New at Demandforce?!

What’s New at Demandforce

With so many new things going on at Demandforce it only seemed appropriate to bring back an old Demandforce relic and make it new again: The Demandforce Blog. Here you will find information regarding Demandforce, small business marketing and more that will be conveyed in blog posts, webinars and our Tips on Demand video series. Now that that’s out of the way let’s go over the new Demandforce features!

Google Incoming Appointments

If you hadn’t heard yet, we are excited to inform you that Demandforce and Google have partnered to test a new feature that allows users to schedule appointments or services directly from Google Search results. What does this mean for you? When users search for your business, Google may include either Request an Appointment or Book an Appointment based on your settings within Demandforce. For more information, or to see how it works, please visit our FAQ Page.

Introducing New Email Campaigns

Check out your Campaigns tab to see a new selection of seasonally-relevant promotions and newsletters so you can stay top-of-mind with your clients. Demandforce is committed to providing our clients with high-quality, relevant emails before you even know it’s time to send out a newsletter! These are automatically loaded into your Demandforce portal. Login to your portal and click on the Campaigns tab to see the new campaigns.

Thank You and We Haven’t Seen You in a While postcards for our Medical industries!

We know that communicating with your patients can be done any number of ways. Because of this, if you weren’t able to grab a patients email when they were in you can now send them a postcard to thank them for coming in! And when a year goes by and that patient still hasn’t come back you can now send them a postcard letting them know they are overdue for their next visit. This was already available for most of our industries and is finally ready for all of our Medical industries. Login and click on the Postcards tab to see which postcards are available for you!

Free Email Finder

Demandforce has refined the way it searches for missing email addresses so that you receive more accurate results faster. To get you started off right we are offering up to 500 free email addresses to all of our customers. Learn more here!

Better Sync

In order to reduce impact on your systems we now have the ability to make sure we are uploading from your management system as often as is necessary. Depending on your management system it may be possible for Demandforce to upload more often than just 3 times a day. If you are a current customer please contact us to see if we are uploading as often as possible!

Be sure to check back regularly to ensure that you are always up to date on the latest Demandforce offerings. In this space we will be posting webinar registrations as well as follow-ups, our own thoughts on small business marketing (not limited to just Demandforce!), as well as our best Tips on Demand, which will include tips on marketing, social media, online reputation, and of course Demandforce.