4 Creative Ideas for Growing Your Email Database

Email is the most efficient and cost-effective way to engage with your customers and keep them coming back, so why isn’t every business doing it?  The reality is simple, people are protective of their privacy and reluctant to give up their email, fearful of being overwhelmed with a rush of daily emails from yet another subscription. In order to get around this wall of protection when it comes to your customers’ contact info, you need to make sure to provide value for your customers when asking for those emails. Tell them WHY providing you with their email will benefit them. Appointment reminders, discounted service notices, etc. – it’s your job to prove to your customers that you deserve to have their emails. Many people are scared of receiving unwanted emails, but if you are upfront about exactly what they’re going to receive they’re much more likely to give it to you.

If that approach doesn’t do the trick, try one of these creative ideas to get that email count up!

  • Get Social  Use your Facebook page/website as a channel to collect those email addresses. At the top of your Facebook page you can create a “Call to Action” button that links to a landing page of your choosing. Ideally that landing page requires an email address. Facebook gives you several options to title this button including Book Now, Contact Us, etc. Click here for more information/help (Click here if you want to link your Demandforce page)!
    • People don’t always want to pick up the phone so your website should have an area where people can request an appointment or contact you via a form for more information. This appointment request/contact form should have a field for an email and an email should be required to submit the request/form. If you have an external company that has an appointment request form on your site it will probably require an e-mail, but if your contact form is just a form on your website you’ll want to contact your website provider to see if it’s possible to make an e-mail required. If you’re a current Demandforce user click here for information regarding Demandforce and your website.
  • Make it a Contest – Create a promotion/contest for a free giveaway and have people enter by giving you their email address. You can talk about the giveaway on your Facebook page, your website, and even to customers as they come to your business. This is similar to the old-school technique some businesses use where people drop their business cards into a bowl to win a free lunch/gift/service. If your business services employees in the area it may be beneficial to try the business-card-in-a-bowl idea to get those work e-mails. Either way, most people are willing to trade their e-mail for a chance at something free!
  • Partner Up – Find a neighboring non-competing business that shares a common goal of reaching more customers through email. Use your e-mail marketing system to set up an e-mail campaign with this business where your customers can try their services at a discount and vice versa. In the e-mail make sure to add a button/link to a contact us/request an appointment page for the other business, which would require an e-mail to complete and vice versa. Current Demandforce users can click here to learn how to setup a custom button.
  • Educate Your Customers – While people know most communication is done via e-mail/text it’s important to let your customers know that you too are moving towards e-mail as the main form of communication. Sometimes it’s easy as having a sign in sheet for people letting them know something like, “we’re going green so please leave us your e-mail so we can remind you of your next appointment” will have people wondering less about what you’re sending them. Additionally, if you want to make sure your records are completely up-to-date you can create a form for your customers to fill out letting them know, “we want to make sure we have all of your accurate contact information”. This form should contain a field for every necessary piece of information (e-mail, cell phone, address, etc.) you require. Demandforce users: click here to find out how to print forms for your patients/clients from your account.

According to DMA (Direct Marketing Association), 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message. With these numbers, for every 3 customers you grab an email for, 2 of them are likely to respond to a call to action in your email and give you business, all because you took the time and effort to ask for that email.  These are just a few ideas to inspire you to get more emails from your customers going forward. Whatever you do, make collecting emails a priority.